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Learn about the many legal and arts management services we can provide to maximize your budget, minimize your stress, and simplify the management of your artists and artistic projects.

Meet the distinctive attorneys and staff who comprise our CAST. A list of their upcoming speaking engagements, seminars and workshops can be found at IN THE SPOTLIGHT.

Basic information on how we charge for our services can be found on our FEES page.

Free Resources, including our picks of websites, books, articles, and legal memos we hope you will find informative, illustrative, illuminating, or merely amusing, can be found on our RESOURCES page.

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GG Arts Law is blogging on MusicalAmerica, America's oldest classical music magazine, as Law and Disorder: Performing Arts Division. From contracts to copyrights, visas to taxes, touring to recording, non-profits to limited liability companies, the members of GG Arts Law—Brian Taylor Goldstein and Robyn Guilliams—discuss and answer your questions about basic legal and business issues, concepts, trends, problems, and practices important to the arts and entertainment field.

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"Law and Disorder: Performing Arts Division"

GG Arts Law is also blogging on as Avoiding A World Of Trouble. While presenting and touring artists in the United States brings many rewards, it also entails coordinating considerable logistical challenges. Brian Taylor Goldstein and Robyn Guilliams provide valuable information and practical tips on such issues as the ever-changing rules and procedures affecting U.S. visas and tax obligations for non-U.S performers; contractual concepts such as force majeure and acts of god; U.S. insurance advice for non-U.S. groups and performers; international licensing and copyright issues; and suggested planning and procedural timelines. Brian and Robyn will also pass along the latest information and guidance for musicians travelling with instruments containing elephant ivory and other banned substances.

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"Avoiding A World Of Trouble"

For additional updates, commentary, news, ideas, discussions, issues, strategies, solutions, and opinions which we feel are important to the arts and entertainment industry, visit us on Facebook or Twitter or our blog Raising the Curtain.

Here's what we've been posting, including important legal updates and developments:

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